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Modern forms of education


Description of business: multimedia and Internet products

"BKC-Media" was established with the assistance of the largest school of foreign languages in Russia and CIS - "BKC-International House". "BKC-Media" is a "technology part" of "BKC-IH", which provides its schools with modern computer programs and online methodology for the learning of foreign languages. Furthermore "BKC-Media" distributes these solutions and products to educational institutions, companies and private clients.

"BKC-Media" offers:

  • for companies and educational institutions "English Discoveries" (12CD), designed by "Edusoft" and "Berlitz International".

  • A Full multimedia course for English learning through the Internet - "English Discoveries Online" ("ED Online")

  • The series "English +" for individual users, which consists of full English course "English+" (10 CD) for adults; and "English + Kids" for children.

Contact us


ul. Tverskaya 9/4, komn. 209, fl. ,Moscow, 2103009, Russia


(095) 937-29-39


(095) 234-03-16



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